Home Buying 101 Bootcamp

Welcome to my home buying boot camp. Once a month I'm going to host a Zoom webinar from my brand new home office. That's right I'm going to show you the steps to owning a new home from my brand new home! I've found that prospective buyers need more help than what they receive in a single complimentary phone consultation.

This boot camp is designed for anyone interested in buying a home. I have offices in Florida and North Carolina and a referral network of agents across the US. This boot camp is for clients willing to purchase a home through Saige Realty Group. Each month I'll discuss one of the three major components needed to purchase a home: credit, income, and assets (CIA).

I'll provide ways to improve your credit score, what items you need to deal with before you apply for a mortgage, how you can add more income to your loan application (and increase the amount of your approval) as well as how to save for your down payment and closing cost.

If you're ready to get started sign up for the next class bring your notebook, pens, and questions!

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